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A New Inception

Every morning I woke up trying to overcome the shackles of murk. Awakening myself to this harsh real world, trying to retrospect and finding answers to my mistakes. I searched for inspiration in the farthest corners of the universe but never bothered to look for it in my nearest nooks .Then one revitalized morning, I woke up to realize that I had answers around me and my answer was in the seasons of the nature’s cycle.

Life after all isn’t that unappetizingly flavourless. Nature, itself is a great teacher but only for those who have senses to perceive it. Do you know the reason why suicidal statistics are marginally increasing in India? Why few refusals, breakups, rejections, breakdowns are taking us into an elevated state of unconsciousness? This is because we are so much into various materialistic possessions, baseless needs and wants, that our intangible connections with nature are lost. We are unable to comprehend what great lessons our mother nature wants to teach us. Summer spring, season of flowers dancing in the vernal wind, brings in the essence of rejuvenation and rebirth. Swarms of bees rushing at flowers, humming around the blooming petals and opening buds, indicating the festivity of life. Wind carrying the music of soil, new tender leaves springing up on branches denoting energy-the vivid passionate pulse of life. Moving brooks, trees swaying with the breeze unperturbed by the mood of wind, teaching us to move forward no matter how hard destiny holds upon .The relenting rains quenching the thirst of parched earth satisfying the idea of new inception.

The horizons of our minds are often covered with obstacles and resentments. It sometimes becomes very difficult to fight with our own shadow. Nature around us is a magic show, emphasizing to celebrate the festivity of life. Starting with the season of revival and rebirth , the spring, to the summer, season of joy and vivacity , unfolding the season of abundance and prosperity, the autumn and finally the winter, cold with gusts of tumbling snow, indicating the time of serene and calm retirement. So whenever you feel dejected, desolate or broken just look out of your window, move on to the next phase and pave your path to the golden ring.

Puja Dwivedi
Swami Keshvanand Institute of Tecnology(SKIT),
Jaipur, India

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