Make It Count

And they said- “Follow Your Passion”

I was gasping my way that day through the tall bamboo grass. I could only see smoke rising up from

a place distant but within the horizons. Suddenly, I started hearing roars, cries that started growing in

decibles. An unknown relic of fear beholded me and I could feel something beasty following up my

footsteps that triggered the Bolt in me. With not much sense, I was running, running very hard and

my reddend eyes had lost all the view as smoke covered up everything. And then, I was dragged out

from my way by a black open fist. He started screaming- “”Don’t run in vain. Follow ur passion””. And

its voice grew louder like the roars back then. I remember the site. He in a black long coat reminding

of the Sherlock series except that he looked more like a villian under that luminous mask.

I could see him vailing… the mask. Lightening struck. Storm hit. But his voice still echoed there-

“”Follow Ur Passion””. But before he could unveil the mask, I was attacked by some laser that came

from the place I was standing earlier. That laser made me weak. Scribbled something over my body.

That intense howl and even stronger light over my eyes that made it bug-out and my brows frown.

And it scratched its teeth all over my face. A wolfdog it was. I screamed vehemently. My eyes

opened in a flash. I winced. Lay still……. on my bed!!!

Oh yes! all that was a dream. My brows furrowed. I could not gather myself back to reality. And I saw

some porn stuff drawn over the walls, books over the bed and clothes everywhere, and my roomy

watching a tv-series who ofcourse was not amused by how I woke up defying his comic scene. Ok!

so I was back to my senses and alive.

But, somehow the impressions of that dream stayed unlike most of the dreams. Those screams and

echoes still resounded out loud in my cranial nerves.

That day then would have passed as a normal one if not for the impression of the man with the mask

that stayed on. I had an awesome GD round in the phone with my parents regarding what I want to

do next. Then, I attended a seminar in which one of the biggest CEO’s of India, a kgp alumnus, was

giving the tips and funda of life and students asked him what should they do next in the open house.

Ofcourse some were the stud of college while some wore those frightening big fat glasses that I

feared I would have to wear too when I was Kota preparing for JEE. After the open house ended, me

and my friend started discussing on what they wanted to do after IIT. We all had different plans in

mind but somehow I could not say what I wanted, coz I actually wanted everything and then, nothing

too. Ya! I know that sounds wierd. It sounded horrible to them too and so the topic once again

shifted to the measurements of the girls passing by, how he met their mother and how the proxy for

the next class of Dr. Dey was to be put up.

I came back to my room, saw my roomie watching 3 idiots and quoting a dialougue from the movie-

“”Don’t run behind Success, Run behind Excellence and Success will follow””. Oh Ofcourse! Jai ho

Baba Ranchoddas!! It was the placement season then. So after I opened my FB account, I could see

a lot of happy posts and then an a blog by a 4th year titled- “”Follow your Dreams””. Yah! placement

time. Must have freaked out. But, then something struck. I got reminded of the man with the long

black overcoat in my dream who was bellowing something similar. Ofcourse it was- “”Follow your

Passion””. I went to sleep and wanted to catch up with that dream. And yes! I saw him again. He was

unveiling his mask and a tinge of eagerness mixed in valor and fear ran down my spine. It was my father. I came closer. He unveiled another one. It was my senior. Another one and so on. It was all a

consequence of what had happened during the entire day from Amir Khan to my alumunus to that

Blogger- They were all behind that veil! Yes all!!!!!!

Now I had to sit down and analyse all that had happened. I needed to turn the old chapters of my life

to understand what was going on. I had to get over this frenzy for I could not afford a wolfdog killing

me daily in my dreams. Why am I here? Why in the first place did I choose to be here. Or did ‘I’ really

choose it? To some extent the answer is NO. And, it will be the same in your case too.  I was good

at studies and ofcourse had to go out for further studies somewhere. So, Kota be it for the world was

draining there. But, in the first place, why was I good at studies? Because that was the way I was

brought up. I failed for the first time in Kota. And that thing hit me. And I had to get over the failure.

So, ofcourse the choice to repeat was my own but it was a follow-up of a lot of things. I succeeded,

cleared the ‘prestigious’ exam. People around me were overwhelmed. Ofcourse, Books had to be

my love then, and studying my passion. I came to IIT with a confidence level soaring higher than the

flight of an eagle.

And now, I am here. A consequence of a lot of things have led me here. But, was it passion? How

do you actually define passion? And, I ofcourse want to do engineering. But, thats not a resoundng

thought anymore. For, my dad wants me to do an IAS; my mom an MBA; I, at one point, an MS; my

friends a Start-up. So, how should I judge what my passion is? Is my passion clearing an entrance

exam. So, all the above can apply. In my 1st year, I had loads of fun. Fell in love with lots of things.

And, now if I go by my love for things and what all I excite me, I would end up becoming  a Social

Entreprenuer who runs a Million Dollar company and has all the technical knowledge, writes an

article that publishes in TOI every week , organizes a dance-show every weekend and is recruited in

the Territorial army so that he leaves all his work when the country requires him to. Ofcourse, not

possible. So would you say that it is my problem that I can’t decide what my passion is? No! Its the

problem with everyone.

How do we dudge what our passsion is ? Ealier we were made to do few things for we didn’t have

conscience. Now, we are asked to chose. But, do you think you can actually judge it? A man

determined enough to do an MS and work for NASA runs the biggest company today in India. His

friend, determined to go into entrepreneurship is now a professor in MIT. A man who had once come

here to do engineering is about to be the CM of the capital. A boy in a normal engineering college is

getting much better international intern offers in his 2nd year than what 3rd/4th years would get in

India’s best college.

We need to hence realize this. We don’t need to rush into chosing our passion. We need to ignore

the masked man. We are actually not in an engineering college. We are in a school and our paths

would actually differentiate from here. So, we need to let ourselves go. Do whatever excites us

without thinking too much of the future. For if we have learnt this one thing- “”How to work hard””, we

can get to anywhere from any point in life. All we need to remind ourselves at that time is- “”Its Ok if

U fall, but U need to learn to get up quickly“” Thats what we gotta be learning.

Don’t let the spark to live die out. Work hard, Party Harder.

P.S. : I am lucky to have the parents I have. So, at the end of 4 years here, when I say I want to do

this particular thing, they will surely agree. But, its not the case here with everybody. Money is

elusive. It will at some point take over the passion. And once again- What is Passion? Worry not. It

can be forced. There is nothing called passion. You can love whatever you actuallly want to.

P.P.S. : That beasty wolfdog in my dream teared me because I was running. He wanted me to stay

and rise above the smoke.

Focus at the task at hand. Mine was writing this long article which noone is ever going to

read but I wrote it because I love it, eventhough I may not be good at it.

Know what you ultimately want to do. That is- making  a difference to this world. I know I will!

I am determined enough eventhough I don’t know what would I be exactly doing 5 years from



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