Make It Count

A New Inception

Every morning I woke up trying to overcome the shackles of murk. Awakening myself to this harsh real world, trying to retrospect and finding answers to my mistakes. I searched for inspiration in the farthest corners of the universe but never bothered to look for it in my nearest nooks .Then one revitalized morning, I

Grandpa’s Blessing

“12th standard board exams” these words merely are enough for any student to actually get a feel of all the stress that we had undergone during that period of 15 days. We’ll all remember for our entire lives all the academic stress and pressure that we’d gone through and also the hard work that we’d put

जी ले यहाँ…

“ कभी लगे देख ली दुनिया, तो कभी लगे सब कुछ नया हर सुबह लाये नयी किरण जगमगाए फिर से ये जहां जब तंग आ जाए शहरों से गाँवों की शांति भी यहाँ जरुरत तो बस खोजने की है जन्नत यहीं, खुदा भी यहाँ ढकी नहीं यहाँ खूबसूरती, पर्दे तो आखों पे हैं यहाँ बटती

A rise

“ Everyone seeks inspiration. Some from great personalities, some from quotes, and others from various other sources. I drew my inspiration from death of my grandfather; not instantly but after a considerably long time. It changed me from a struggler at IIT to a fighter and gave me periodic successes. Here I am presenting it

And they said- “Follow Your Passion”

“ I was gasping my way that day through the tall bamboo grass. I could only see smoke rising up from a place distant but within the horizons. Suddenly, I started hearing roars, cries that started growing in decibles. An unknown relic of fear beholded me and I could feel something beasty following up my

Discovering myself – A road to empowerment

“There are around 7 billion people living in this world, but the number of stories in it is far greater than that. Stories of failures and successes, of hatred and love, of joy and sorrow. There are some stories that invoke fear whereas some teach us courage; some stories are inspiring, motivating and move us

तू आग है !!

“देख वो वृक्ष सुख रहा, तप कर गर्मी में जो बढ़ा । अपना रक्त उसे चड़ा । अपने पसीने से आज सीच दे । हार मत मान, चलता जा, लहू का टिका खीच दे ॥ एक भी बूँद आसू ना होने दे बेकार । हर छलकते अश्रु को कर प्यार, जाने आत्मा को कौन सीच

Be the best!!

Let your eyes look longer, Let your brain think broader. Let your tongue tell the true, So that you stand out of the crew. Let your mouth never taste the pub And the heart full of love. Be the hands made for gain, So that your hard works never go in vain. Coz the life

I fought it and Make It Count!!

“Progressive Muscle Disorder”. That’s how the doctors at Vellore Medical College described Muscular Dystrophy. I was diagnosed with it when I was 2 years old. After 12 years the real meaning of the phrase hit me in the face. For a kid in Class 6, “rogressive muscle damage” means I couldn’t ride my new Hero