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Brief Introduction

Internships form a very crucial part of the curriculum followed at IIT Kharagpur. More than the mere academic importance, an internship provides a great platform to know one’s field of interest better by means of having hands-on industrial experience. In most cases, people get lucrative offers to pursue careers at places where they did their internships in form of pre-placement offers, research position offers etc.

I did my internship with the school of civil and environmental engineering at University of New South Wales, Australia. It was a core internship related to my field of study and interest, i.e. structural engineering.


Selection Procedure

I had to simply download a copy of the application form from the university’s website and fill it out.

I happen to have been browsing at one of the internship blogs where someone had posted about this program hosted by my host university. The procedure was simple enough. I had to simply download a copy of the application form from the university’s website and fill it out. The application involved detailing personal information, previous research experience in projects, fields of interest and coursework done. Apart from this one has to furnish two points of reference, transcript of records and resume. I would suggest everyone to be honest with themselves and narrow down on a particular area of interest where they see themselves fit in and also are able to show that they possess ample academic and project experience to be able to take on a research project in that area. A lot of importance is given to grades so if you still have the chance, try and work them around to go on the upper end. Try and project your laboratory experience in an illustrious way portraying skills in terms of data collection, inference and compilation as a report.

My Project

My project was essentially related to structural engineering.

My project was essentially related to structural engineering. Getting into technicalities, it involved the finite element modelling of de-constructable steel-concrete composite decks in a software package, ATENA. Apart from this, I was expected to produce a numerical model to support experimental and analytical results.


Work Atmosphere

Australia is a pretty cool country and since it was winters there during the time of my internship, the pressure of work wasn’t so much. The working atmosphere was pretty enjoyable. I interacted with a lot of research scholars, research fellows and professors who were open to being approached. The work they were doing was pretty exciting and exhilarating to know about. Weekends were completely free which I utilized to explore in and around Sydney, be it the night life, the beaches, the wildlife or the markets. My accommodation formed a very important part of my experience. I had wonderful housemates from around the world. Living with them was a cross-cultural experience in itself. Both work and home had come to become very enjoyable. Food is pretty expensive in Australia so I cooked most of the time with my roommate from whatever cheap we could find and eat. Also being a vegetarian, I did not face much problems finding food of my choice. Though limited, there were still options available.

Intern And Long Term Career Goals

This intern is very crucial in helping me decide on whether I would be pursuing research as a career. It adds a lot of weight to my resume in the field of structural engineering and finite element analysis.


As I said earlier, internships help shaping your career better in the field of your interest. Overall the experience of an international internship cannot be easily described in words. To put it in crude words, it is the best opportunity you can gain to explore a new country at the expense of someone else.

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