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Like many I was always in doubt whether to go for core or non-core for summer internship. I always had interest in core, but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to take it forward or not. Consulting from seniors and some social networking, most of them said interest is all that matters. I finally decided well to go for it and applied for TATA Steel.

Selection Process

Well, during my time, it had a three round selection procedure.

Well, during my time, it had a three round selection procedure. The first one was an online test. It had 4 sections; language, logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude and core (department specific). First three were very easy and you can score easily in them. Fourth one is a bit tricky and basically it’s the application of your core knowledge. The second round was Group discussion. The GD topics were mostly ethics related. After the results were out for GDs, the third round was for personal interviews. It was a Technical cum HR round. Interview was quite interactive and it was more like a discussion type than Q-A type. They were asking questions about my interests, hobbies, and why I wanted to work for this company. Also they asked about subjects of mine interests and asked very basic questions on them.


For online tests you can solve questions on aptitude and lightly brush-up the subjects which you have covered. For GDs, pretty good online videos are available about the Do’s and Don’ts. Regarding interview, prepare for typical HR questions like, “Why this company?”, “why you?”, “where do you see yourself after five years?” etc. The technical questions will be quite easy and prepare two-three subjects of your interests. Focus more on lab-oriented subjects.

My Project

Me and my co-intern were working parallely on two projects. First one was to develop a new method of repair/retrofitting of RCC structures which were more than 50-60 years old. The main factors to be kept under considerations were time and economy of method. Even a slight delay in repair can cost very huge production losses. Luckily during my tenure, I witnessed a major shutdown of the plant under which a lot of repair processes go simultaneously within a short time span which lead to a very tiring but explicit exposure.

My second project was on the digitalization of indentation procedure of Ready Mix Concrete. The present system is weary, time-consuming, exhaustive and does not enable data recovery. So from paper-works it had to be transformed into an online system which could decrease the process time from nearly 3 days to 3 hours max. and solve the above mentioned problems and also to have a reasonable traceability.


This is the best part of the organization. Work culture is very employee friendly.

This is the best part of the organization. Work culture is very employee friendly. Employees are very helping and you can report them anytime regarding any doubt and they are more than happy to solve them. Junior senior interaction was also very nice and they treat you more like an employee than an intern. The project you will be assigned will be a real life problem currently being faced by the company and you will be dealing it yourself (the staff would help you). The company takes good care of your fooding and transportations. Parties are arranged specially for the interns in which you can perform too if you wish. You will be making some very good friends in those two months.


If you are interested in core and real life problem solving, TATA steel is the place for you. You will be learning a lot of new things and apply whatever you know to a new level. Also you will learn to manage people around you. In my case, we had to deal with the Information Technology Services department who are usually reluctant to work and you have to push them a lot to get your work done.


Always follow the safety instructions inside the plant. You will be provided with personal protective equipments (PPEs); always use them while commuting. If any inspection person finds you violating any safety rule, you can get into serious trouble and it may terminate your internship.

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