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Tata Steel is basically a core sector company related to Mechanical, Mining, Metallurgy, Civil and Electrical. It produces steel so raw materials are required which it get from its captive mines of Coal and Iron Ore .It has also other mines like of chromite in Sukinda and has Steel Plant in Jamshedpur.

Selection Process

Its recruitment process goes through by its online test followed by group discussion and then personal interview

Its recruitment process goes through by its online test followed by group discussion and then personal interview. For online test you must prepare thoroughly previous year GATE exam papers of respective department for all sections as it takes test on same pattern. For group discussion you must aware of current affairs going on. For personal interview you must have knowledge of your departmental subjects and its practical applications if you have done internship in your second/third year summer vacation. Knowledge of Softwares related to your department gives you a great incentive . For CV you must show your departmental related activities in it as it is a core company. Be ready for question “Tell me about yourself?” . Try to orient the interviewer to your knowledge of softwares and subjects.


For online tests you can solve questions on aptitude and lightly brush-up the subjects which you have covered. For GDs, pretty good online videos are available about the Do’s and Don’ts. Regarding interview, prepare for typical HR questions like, “Why this company?”, “why you?”, “where do you see yourself after five years?” etc. The technical questions will be quite easy and prepare two-three subjects of your interests. Focus more on lab-oriented subjects.

My Project

My internship was of 8 weeks in which 120 students were came from all over India to Tata Steel Ltd. , Jamshedpur and then they were allocated to different location of its plant and raw material locations according to their department and project requirement . I was allocated to Open Cast Coal Mine , West Bokaro . I was with 7 other students from other colleges at that location and my project to establish a relation between Specific Diesel Consumption of Rear Dumpers and its different affecting parameters. Knowledge of Regression Analysis and MATLAB helped me a lot .

Mentors are allotted there according to your project so initial phase of what to do is guided by them itself after that I have done some studies on dumpers and their running parameters like lead, lift and productivity and established the relation. I learnt ways to approach a project and different aspects, work culture, presentation skills etc.


This is a tough question to answer but only those who want to pursue job in core sector and like the field job instead of job to be in cabin only should apply as in this and you will get to interact with many peoples and can learn a lot.


Build your profile related to departmental work and learn some softwares.

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