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Shubham Arora

Summer Internship at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories



1) Give your brief Introduction

I am Shubham Arora, final year undergraduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. I had a 2-month stint at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories as a summer intern in their Integrated Product Development Organisation (R&D division).

2) What is the selection procedure of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories?
The first stage of selection is a straightforward CV shortlisting. All students above a CGPA of 8 are shortlisted (students below CGPA of 8 may also be shortlisted depending on the company’s preferences and the number of applicants). The shortlisted students are then divided into groups of 8-10 for a Group Discussion. Candidates who clear GD go for an interview. The interview involves both technical and HR questions.

3) How to prepare for it?

The CV shortlisting process is not critical. A CGPA above 8 + any POR+ extracurriculars + past internship/project is good enough to get you shortlisted.
The Group Discussion round is extremely important because it has a conversion rate of 30-40%. Students tend to neglect its importance and even good candidates sometimes get rejected in this round. Again it is important to note that a person is evaluated for the quality of inputs, critical and collaborative reasoning and driving the group to a conclusion. Random points to show engagement in discussion, abrupt start/conclusion of discussion for extra points are in fact detrimental. So try avoiding those.
In the Personal Interview round, the student is grilled thoroughly on his/her CV. It’s better to be prepared with the experiences and learnings to share for whatever is there on your CV. Brush up your basic core concepts. Chemical Engineering students need to go through the concepts of Reaction Engineering. Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (only basics). I would highly recommend the students to attend the PPT and engage in the discussion. It helps in answering the basic HR questions

4) Give the details of your project 
My project was to develop a modeling framework for scale-up of a pharmaceutical manufacturing process. The overall experience gained in terms of core learnings and its business implications was unparalleled.

5) How is the company culture? 

The best thing about working at Dr. Reddy’s is that your impact of work and say in a project is unaffected by the hierarchy. The work you do as an intern is equally highlighted and appreciated as the other employees.
And yes, people might have a perception of the work in core companies being boring, I can assure you that Dr. Reddy’s is not among them. Even today I distinctly remember some Kilo-Labs structured just like the ones I had seen in ‘Breaking Bad’ (however they don’t cook meth). The job in R&D is way more fun than expected.

6) According to you who should ideally apply for this internship? 
If you wish to ace your career in research and want to stick to core, then Dr. Reddy’s is indeed the best place to work at. Few years down the lane, the company even funds your MS/ Ph.D. studies abroad. However, you also have an option to take up managerial roles in the company.

7) And what advice will you give to them?
The company is a great platform to apply your academic learnings. Even for the people who wish to go to academia, give it a shot. The company has a lot to offer and your research profile will also remain intact.


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