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1) Give your brief Introduction

My name is Shreshth Khare. I am a fourth-year undergraduate student of the Department of Chemical Engineering. I am from Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh). I pursued my compulsory summer internship at EXL Services Gurgaon, a Digital Intelligence and Operations Management firm through the Career Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur.

2) What is the selection procedure of EXL?

The selection process for the last year was relatively simple. EXL arrived on campus on 4th October and their PPT was held at Vikramshila in the evening. At the end of PPT, the shortlist for the interview round was released based on your resume. Around 16 students across various departments were selected for the interview round which was supposed to be held post PPT at Nalanda Complex. 9 students got through the first round which was around 40 minutes lengthy. They were made to sit for a second round. The duration was more or less similar and finally, four students got selected.


3) How to prepare for it?

You need to be good with numbers, quant(special focus on Probability & Statistics and Permutations & Combinations) and guesstimates. Problems similar to what you find in books like “Heard on the street” are asked very frequently. Proficiency in either of the languages like Python & R is a Sureshot standout. Any competitions/ projects involving Data Science, Machine Learning will definitely boost your chances. Apart from this, if you have a good POR, then you might get to discuss a lot of stuff about the kind of work you do both as a team and an individual. Since EXL also provides technical consultancy to several reputed client companies, good communication, and interpersonal skills are highly valued.


4) Give the details of your project

Manager and process allotment is done on the very first day immediately after the HR sessions. The manager explains to you the project and the type of work they are looking for. I was handed over a project in one of the teams in association with the Product Development team. I was expected to write a code which would identify the presence of tabular data (like income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets) in a 4K/10K financial statement and then extract them in any flat-file format into multiple worksheets. I also interacted with Zurich, UK/US division on multiple occasions to bring out their major business concerns and formulated strategies to solve the same. There is a mid-term and an end-term review of the work that you do. I was extended a Pre-Placement Offer by the organization in appreciation of the quality of work delivered during the internship period.


5) How is the company culture?

Office hours majorly depends on the goodwill and convenience of client company you are dealing with. Generall,y it begins at around 12:30 p.m. for 8-9 hours straight. Overall office culture is really good and refreshing. Your bonding with the team will majorly decide how those two months are going to be. Almost all my co-interns including myself were highly pleased by the cooperative and helpful attitude of the employees.


6) According to you who should ideally apply for this internship?

The students keen on exploring corporate culture should definitely give this a shot. If you are planning to pursue higher studies after 2-3 years of work experience, then EXL is a very decent choice. 5 days of not-so demanding work in a week leaves you with ample time and energy to pursue other activities. EXL as an MNC allows you to boast of Operations management, technical consultancy, Data Science skills all in one go which adds a lot of brand value to your resume.

7) And what advice will you give to them?

Practice questions from “Heard on the Street”. Do a few guesstimates with your friends. Arriving at the exact answer is not a hard necessity but your approach to the problem is key. Go through the Prob and Stats JEE class notes and also watch the NPTEL lectures by Professor Somesh Kumar available on youtube. Do a few mock interview sessions and get rid of nervousness with special emphasis on improving communication skills. If you are not very handy with data science languages, try to make it up by displaying strong character to learn and adapt. That should be all. Good luck!

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