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1) Brief Introduction
My name is Shashwat Mishra and I did my internship at VISA Inc. during my summers of 2018. VISA Inc. is a company specialized in providing a technological platform for digital payments and
transactions. With very few competitors in the market and ever-expanding business opportunities, VISA is a company which you can trust to lead the payments, cybersecurity and AI domain selection procedure.

2) Selection Procedure:
The selection procedure for the internship consists of 2 rounds:
i) Coding round: This round tests your knowledge of programming based questions on Algorithms and Data Structures. The topics generally include arrays, lists, trees, dynamic programming and backtracking.
ii) Telephonic Interview: Those qualified in the coding round get the opportunity to sit in the telephonic interview. The questions are based on projects and skills mentioned on your CV.
Be clear on things that you know and that you don’t. A firm grip on Algorithms and Data Structures always help as the questions usually pop up from these subjects.



3) How to prepare for them?
You can get pretty good resources online for practicing programming Algorithms and Data Structures. Few good links to follow are, geeksforgeeks. Textbook references from Cormen are also good. Take time at prepare for them. Do prepare for the telephonic interview. A mock practice will work wonders if you are giving it for the first time.

4) Your Project Details
I was the part of the Data Quality team of VISA which ensures that the data within our systems is perfect and up-to-date without any errors. As a part of my internship, I had to design an algorithm which
can automatically provide an in-depth analysis of reasons for some problem/alert being generated by the systems. It was quite an interesting project and luckily it went for IP filing also, thanks to my teammates.

5) Company Culture
In a single word “Awesome”. It could be a biased opinion based on teams but overall the people are nice and hardworking. Timings are fixed from 9 am -5 pm, so you get sufficient time for yourself also.
Special events keep on happening which provide extra-curricular opportunities for employees to be a part of. And for interns I would like to add one thing, you are surely going to enjoy the VISA’s “Global
Intern Summit in San Francisco”.

6) According to you who should ideally apply for this intern.
People interested in learning the technologies being implemented in Payments’ processing domain should apply for this. Anyone looking for a balanced work-life balance is welcome. With extensive
hiring plans in the next two years, if you produce good results, pre-placement offers are sure to come to you.

7) And what advice will you give to them?
Be crisp and clear on your fundamentals, revise and practice before you go. And don’t be bothered with the stipend, it’s sufficient with the other facilities they provide you. And to say, at last, a very great and wonderful summer lies ahead of you. Best of Luck to all sitting for their internships and placements!! Baaki sb “peace” hai.

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