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My name is Sharad Kumar Saini, a final year undergraduate student of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. My internship was under the BIU(Business Intelligence Unit) department at Axis Bank, Worli. BIU department was mostly oriented towards the understanding of business and extracting useful insights using data analysis for business. Internship duration was from mid-May to mid-July.

Selection Procedure:

There was a 5-hour small hackathon on Hackerrank. The problem statement was to perform sentiment analysis on youtube video comments text data and recommending them. Later, there was an interview with shortlisted candidates. The interview was mostly related to machine learning algorithms and about the previous internship project discussion. At last, they asked one puzzle and one guestimate.

How to prepare for it?

Do some data analysis course in the CS department and some statistics courses. Go through basic data analysis books(like ISLR). Prepare for puzzles from GeeksForGeeks, InterviewBit and Heard on the street book. Take part in some online data analysis competition. Do some data analysis related projects.

Can you elaborate on your Project Details?

My project was building a recommendation engine for their products and services. The objective was to recommend the next best product suitable for the customer from the customer’s perspective.

Company Culture:

Company culture is very good. Our team was very supportive and helped in the difficulties related to projects and other procedures. KGP seniors were very supportive.

Ideally, who should apply for this intern?

People who are interested in the business side of the bank and also want to do data analysis.

Any advice for the people sitting for CDC internship:

Try your best. If not this, then some better opportunities are waiting for you. All the best.

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