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Brief Introduction

My name is Vyom Shrivastava and I did my summer internship at Schlumberger for Feild Engineer role. This was my seventh internship and arguably the best.

Selection Procedure

The first step was CV shortlisting, which was a very crucial step. The shortlisting, IMHO, was based on number and impact of your highlighted Positions of responsibilities. It is desirable to have multiple PORs and executive level helps. The second step was face to face interviews. I had only one round, but few of my fellows had two. It is more of a discussion on how you fit into the oilfield industry, so it is good to know about the job and the challenges that come with it. They like to know if you are a cultural fit or not, so it is advisable to talk about your internships, projects, PORs and EAA which can reflect your sense of responsibility, do it attitude and love for travel.

How to prepare for them

You don’t need a very special preparation but it is always a plus in a candidate who knows a lot about the job, company, and industry. Schlumberger especially values those candidates who have a lot of enthusiasm about the oilfield and the adventurous life of FE(Field Engineer).

Your Project Details

My internship was of 4 weeks. I spent a week on the rig(photos attached) understanding the job of FE in detail. I worked on total 5 projects varying from core mechanical machine design, software development, electrical circuits failure detection to Thermofluids. I used to work on tool maintenance as well, before sending the tools on the rig. There was another study project of a tool called PeriScope where I learned about the sensors, electronics and mechanical assembly and the overall usage of the tool on the rig site.

Company Culture

Schlumberger is best in business and I can say that it is because of its culture. Standards at Schlumberger are given paramount importance and the interns are made aware of those in the first 3 days of induction.

According to you who should ideally apply for this intern

There are three kicks to the job. Travel. Technology. Money. Schlumberger also has a lot of diverse roles where you might shift after a couple of years, so that is a plus too. I was offered to attend an interview for Software profile although it wasn’t open for Mechanical Engineering students. Eventually, I didn’t go for the interview but it clearly indicates how much they value interest and enthusiasm and are broad-minded about such lateral shifts.

And what advice will you give to them

I would advise people sitting for Schlumberger to research the profile, company and, industry very well. Talk to FEs and about their lifestyles.You may or may not like it. As they say, ‘It is not for everyone’!

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