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Satyam Harsh

1)Why did you select this particular field? What options were available to you during placements?

I have always been interested in technology. I am interested in data analytics, machine learning as well. Therefore, I was looking for technical roles or roles having a mix of technical and managerial responsibilities. A lot of companies coming during placements offer these kinds of roles. Having a metallurgical background with a good CG helped me get through Tata Steel. Luckily I got a department here which works on the kind of technologies I want to work on.


2)How did you get into TATA Steel? What was the selection procedure?
The selection process involved an MCQ based screening test which included aptitude, English and metallurgy. The platform of the test is a common platform for a lot of companies. The questions in metallurgy are mostly memory based. Next step is shortlisting based on CG and CV for the interviews. My interview panel consisted of 2 Technical Experts and one HR. They were hiring for a specific department of Tata Steel and thus were looking for people with metallurgy background having some exposure to data, predictive analytics etc. I was asked questions related to my internship ( work on data analytics), machine learning basics and a little bit of coding. Only 2-3 questions were on core metallurgy (Larson-miller parameter, creep and its prevention). The single round of interview lasted for around 20 mins only.


3) Can you describe your work profile/average day for us and tell us whether it was what you expected when you sat for placements?
I am placed in the Automation department of Tata Steel. I am currently undergoing department specific training which involves learning C#, SQL etc. I have already undergone the basic compulsory training on Iron & Steelmaking, Safety, Leadership and others. My normal day would involve coding and work on databases. The projects allocated to me would be regarding different digitalization and automation initiatives in different plants and processes involved in iron and steel making.


4) How would you describe the work culture in your company? How is the work-life balance?
The work culture of Tata Steel is one of a kind. The policies here are employee centric. There is a great emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities by the company which is supported by a great infrastructure for the same. The training program itself involved a 10-day trekking to the mountains. However, because of its sheer size, there is a system of checks and balances everywhere which makes processes slow.


5) What are your long-term goals? How did working in TATA Steel help you achieve them?
My long-term goal is to become an authority in a field of technology. Working in Tata Steel is giving me the platform to develop my skills in my field of interest. It will help me understand the working and the process flows of a huge organization. Apart from these, the brand name association will give me the necessary pedestal for my career path.


6)Any specific advice you want to give for junta sitting for placements this year and for juniors who aspire to be in TATA Steel?
For people sitting for placements this year,
B.Tech – The profile for them is operations oriented in their core streams. It is a Managerial Role where you are expected to guide people and processes for the smooth functioning of the plant. People are judged in the interview on the basis of their smartness as well as metallurgical concepts. So, being thorough with your departmental projects, Iron and Steelmaking course is a must (for metallurgy).
Dual Degree and MTech – The profile for them is in R&D and Technology departments. Based on your skillset (projects/internships etc), you are allocated very specific projects of your core field. So, knowing inside out of your BTP and MTP is a must. Most of the roles are of core metallurgy, mining, mechanical, electrical etc. Very few roles are data analytics oriented (only Automation department).
Having a good/decent CGPA is a major criterion for getting shortlisted for the interviews in Tata Steel.
Feel free to contact me in case of any doubt.

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