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Sabyasachi Mishra

Why did you select this particular field?What options were available to you during placements?

My priorities: consulting > project manager positions > startups.


I got shortlisted for interviews in Capital One, EXL Analytics, Abbott in Day 1 Ola in Day 2 The inclination towards these roles were strictly due to the kind of work they offer and the steep learning curve that comes along. Plus I wasn’t into coding / analytics as such.

How did you get in EXL-Analytics?What was the selection procedure?How did you prepare for it?

The selection process was an online round where scores were taken into consideration and a CGPA cut off of 7 was there. There were 3 rounds of interviews. All case study + HR ones. Mostly guesstimates and some basic analysis. And a little maths (logic / olympiad stuff) – possibly due to my background. I had been practicing a lot of mock case interviews. Had completed all the cases in Case in Point and gone through Victor Cheng’s videos.

Can you describe your work profile/average day for us and tell us whether it was what you expected when you sat for placements?

Expected – Boring work. Not much pressure. A bit of analytics etc. Reality – Pretty challenging.

I am working under an Assistant Vice President. I get to know client requirements directly after a meeting. We get to brainstorm and decide the future direction, the client should take and things get implemented within a couple of weeks. So, pretty exciting.


Average day – Conference call with US team from 9 – 11 am. Reach office by 1-2 pm. Chart out the work. If it’s research or design work then 3 hours of brainstorming, else basic analytics / coding. Be back by 11-12 pm. Weekends are off.

How would you describe EXL-Analytics work culture?How is the work life balance?

Work culture is good. People are helpful and it’s pretty chilled out. We just went on a team outing to Kasol. You can expect all the perks that come along with an MNC.

What are your long-term goals?How do working in EXL-Analytics help you get achieve them?

I already have a deferred admission offer from IIM A. So, I am likely to work for 2 years here before the MBA. Based on the kind of work I am currently doing, it should be easy to get into Analytics Consulting / Digital Marketing / Strategy Consulting. I could also switch into core data analytics (I have started liking the work, so maybe go off track and try a few things)

Any specific advice you want to give for junta sitting for placements this year and juniors who aspire to be in the same ?

I am not sure if people aim for EXL. People just land up here. But the preparation track is same. Practice loads of case studies and speed up your Quantitative skills. A basic idea of coding helps but isn’t necessary.

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