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1) Why did you select this particular field? What options were available to you during placements?

I selected Data Science because of my interest in Statistics, Machine learning, AI and Deep Learning. I went through multiple coursework and projects related to this which encourages me to opt for this field. Apart from this, Software Developer profile was also available to me as I did a lot of programming in my five years.


2) How did you get into LG CNS? What was the selection procedure?

– I got into LG CNS through Campus Placements during December. The selection process included a direct shortlist for interviews without any written test.

– I went through two rounds of Interviews. The first round was Technical round in which they asked questions about my projects, publications, and Internships.

– Next round was a typical  HR round which included questions like why I want to joint LG CNS, what are my strengths, why should they hire me and why I will not go for higher studies.


3) Can you describe your work profile/average day for us and tell us whether it was what you expected when you sat for placements?

The work profile is quite decent as I have been working on projects of my interests and alongside I get sufficient time to explore on my own. I have been working with LG CNS for three months now and I believe this is above my expectations when I sat for placements.


4) How would you describe the work culture in your company? How is the work-life balance?

The work culture of LG CNS is quite amusing because of the strict policy of Korea as I have to work for a minimum of 40 hours a week and this is taken very seriously. You have to take care of your schedule to finish your work in this much time only. In any case, you will not be permitted to work for more than 52 hours a week. I believe this is a good strategy as it aids my time management skill. Apart from this my teammates never fail to have some fun during the office hours to prevent boredom. Even the organization conducts some special events every month to cheer up the employees. The best thing aside from this is that you have enough time to roam around, go for parties and enjoy your life here


5) What are your long-term goals? How did working in LG CNS help you achieve them?

To be honest I don’t plan for long but establish small goals and try to achieve them and if successful I look for the next one. My plan after college was to work in a renowned organization and now my next step is reaching Tech giants like Google. I believe working in LG CNS gives me a massive exposure to the role and importance of AI in the coming time. This will surely help me to expand my set of skills and depth of knowledge in my field.


6) Any specific advice you want to give to the junta sitting for placements this year

One advice that I would like to give to the aspirants is that to stay focused and try to be as much positive as u can especially during the Placements time. Lastly, I would like to convey my best wishes to the junta sitting for placements this year.

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