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Internships as a whole plays a very significant role in our curriculum at IIT Kharagpur. In addition to getting hands on experience in case of Industrial training, internships provide a platform to learn a lot about real life work, working conditions, active researches etc. Mostly internships are followed by pre-placement offers in case of corporate internships and research offers (masters; PhD)

I am introducing myself as Sourabh Sahoo, final year student from the department of Aerospace Engineering. I did my compulsory intern at National University Of Singapore(NUS) mostly in Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) and Reduced Order Modelling. Previously I had my second-year internship at University Of Michigan mostly dealing with aeromodelling and robotics.

Selection Basis

The selection procedure is very straight forward and simple yet tough to achieve. As far as I would recommend, if you have a decent CG apply for various international training/internship programmes {SURF, INgear, DAAD, Mitacs, Charpak , NTU global connect etc }. They usually cover all aspects of engineering and are very easy to apply. (Selection is very competitive as a lot of students apply). On the contrary mailing is cumbersome. First you need to make a good resume, search for Prof. in your field and mail. An august cover letter is very much needed as Prof usually go just through the key points. Trying remaining true to your intentions. Don’t just mail any Prof asking for a project.

Invest some time before sending an e-mail. Go through the Prof webpage, field of interest and the ongoing projects under him. If you have time, go though some publications of the Prof and mail accordingly mentioning that you read his/her paper and found this could be improved. It somewhat creates a positive factor but not always. Search for active laboratories in your field. Sometimes mailing PhD students also help. P.S – Don’t mail blindly, it’s frustrating. If you are looking internship in aerospace related labs, it’s quite challenging. US and Russia don’t take interns in defense related matters(Propulsion systems, drones, UAV, sometimes CFD also).

Project Details

As previously mentioned, my work was in core aerospace. I primarily worked on Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) and on machine learning from aerospace perspective. In simple words, I worked on simulation systems and solving non – linear differential equations using model reduction techniques. I also worked on vortex induced vibrations of off-shore oil rigs and how to reduce such vibrations using active controls equipped with Kalman filter.

 Work Environment


From my past two experiences, I can infer that the work environment is similar in Singapore and in the States. NUS has one of the world’s best labs, infrastructures and a healthy work environment. The researchers (40% Indians) are very helpful and cooperative. Cannot generalize but my Prof was very affable. There is no problem of food even if you are vegan. Timings were flexible but mostly from 10 am – 6 pm. People are humble and well-mannered.

Being situated near the tropics, Singapore has a humid and moist climate, a lot in common with Kharagpur’s climate. Housing is a bit expensive as compared to other cities. Not going into details, Singapore is a very safe and sound place to work (NUS , NTU , SP-Jain{Economics} , Singapore Poly etc } . As far NUS is concerned, it is situated in a very posh area. Housing nearby is expensive but one can try for in-house housing. Public transportation is one of the best in the world. As mentioned one will get Indian food easily. In some cases one can get corporate internships in Singapore mostly in finance and data related fields. The working schemes are in favour for Indians in Singapore.


As a whole the internship was a great success and had an appreciable impact on my academic career as I would be aiming for higher studies.

Students who should aim for foreign internships:-

  • Sophomore
  • Pre – final years {If interested in higher studies}
  • Third years (Dual degree students)

Apart from these, one should have a good CG and an appreciable resume if you are aiming for the Top 10 universities. In general, be optimistic and determined and be true to yourself. Constrain yourself from mass mailing as it greats a negative impact both for yourself and our prestigious university.


Important Points: –

  • Make your cv simple and to the point. Use Latex if necessary
  • Proof read your cv from seniors{those who have had previous experience}
  • Search Prof. according to your research interest and department
  • Go thoroughly through his/her profile before mailing
  • Make a cover letter specific to the Prof; Not a general one
  • Be patient

Feel free to ping me in Facebook or call me anytime if you need any kinds of help.




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