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Selection procedure :

LinkedIn’s procedure was pretty simple.There were 3 rounds:

  1. We had an online coding round with 3 questions and 1 hour time. The questions were straightforward and easy for someone who is familiar with competitive programming.
  2. After the first round, eight people were shortlisted for telephonic interview. The interview was taken by full time employers at LinkedIn Bangalore. It was an hour long telephonic interview on a collaborative editor like google docs, where the candidate was supposed to write the code in C language. Again, the questions were not so difficult, but tested the coding skills at the same time. They were based on core programming and logic areas like pointers, dynamic programming and some basic data structures like binary trees .
  3. After the technical round, we received a call from HR with some basic questions to know more about the candidate .Some of the questions were like :

a)Why do you want to join LinkedIn?

b)They  asked about my project and the problems that I faced during the project and how did I overcome them.

c)Do you find coding interesting or not and do you enjoy it?(It was mentioned in my CV)?

d)Do you think yourself as a leader or a follower?

e)What are you expecting from us?

How to prepare :

  • For preparing in any company,decent coding skills are sufficient

. ● Every company has most of the questions from geeks for geeks.I would suggest to solve as much questions as you can solve from it.


  • I would also suggest practising STL and getting familiar with it as it saves time a lot and at the same time minimises the error.
  • Participate in Codechef’s monthly challenges regularly.It will keep you in practice.

 Your Project Details :

Currently, there are various kinds of projects available for interns ranging from open source development, making and testing machine learning models, improving pre-existing models, frontend development, adding new features to pre existing multi products, enhancement in mobile site, app development etc. There are various projects according to the interests and past experience of the candidate. They usually go through your resume while assigning you to various teams and go through your past projects, any special skills or courses taken, but in many cases it can be randomly allotted as well.

 Company Culture :

The company culture is simply awesome. You get the best food for free. There is a good balance between work and social life.The work is flexible and you are supposed to be solely responsible for your work .Any new project you undertake is under your sole ownership. You are supposed to act like an owner in any decision you make at LinkedIn. There are In-days where you can devote a complete day performing various activities which are supposed to be for yourself, family or society development. People are very friendly and skilled and everyone is very supportive. There are team outings and parties .The office has  table tennis, some arcade games, foosball, pool table and even console gaming for all fifa fans out there.With the new 6th floor,cricket net and barista adds to the fun. Cheers to all the caffeine lovers like me.

Who should ideally apply for this internship :

Anyone looking for a great work culture and core development opportunities. The work  might  not be as demanding and varied as in a startup, but is surely is impactful and flexible. It all depends on how you would like to work. There are no upper bounds.

Advice for this internship :

No advices here, just work and enjoy the 2 months there.


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