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SUMMER INTERNSHIP AT PricewaterhouseCoopers


1) Brief Introduction

Hi, I’m Joyjit Paul, a student of the Electrical Engineering Department, about to go into my fourth and final year at IIT Kharagpur. I did my internship this summer at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big Four auditors in the world. I worked as a Technology Consultant for two months there.

2) Selection procedure

The selection procedure is fairly straightforward. It comprised of two stages – online test followed by personal interview. The online test had fairly simple questions on logical reasoning, quantitative analysis, and reading comprehension. Time is the most crucial factor here as you have to solve around 45 questions in an hour.
The PI had a technical round and an HR round. Questions on various aspects of Machine Learning were asked in the technical round. A detailed discussion on previous projects on ML and DL also took place. A few questions on probability were asked too. The HR round was a mere formality.

3) How to prepare for them?

For the online test, I’d recommend practicing fast problem solving from any good quant book. That should be more than enough. For the PI round, you need to hone your probability and statistics skills. Practising JEE level probability questions will be of great help. If you’re into ML and have mentioned it in your CV then make sure
that you’re thorough with the basic concepts of ML. Also if you have mentioned proficiency in any language, say Python, on your CV then questions will be asked to test that. They might delve deep into the project(s) you have done if they find it interesting.

4) Your Project Details

I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the firm so I can’t reveal my project details. Hence I’ll talk in general terms. My job was to accurately predict customer churn and to provide business-driven insights to prevent customers form discontinuing the service of an online music streaming company. I had fun working with such a rich dataset. I had to generate lots of features and try out different techniques to achieve the desired accuracy. Then the challenge was to derive insights out of my research and apply them in the context of
the given scenario.

5) Company Culture

In general, the people in the company are pretty chilled. They are very approachable and helpful. The timings are quite flexible; as long as you get your work done it doesn’t really matter. They provide free lunch to interns. There were occasional treats and corporate parties too. Overall it was a nice experience for me.

6) According to you who should ideally apply for this intern?

If you have a flair for solving real-world business problems then you might consider joining PricewaterhouseCoopers. If you’re in their Data Analytics team then you will be exposed to a host of interesting problems. A strong foundation of ML will certainly help you in the project.

7) And what advice will you give to them

Make sure you ask about your profile and the kind of work you would be offered during the internship in the interview itself. Also, tell them about the kind of work you are interested in. That way they’ll assess your interests and assign you a suitable project later on. Otherwise, you might end up doing some uninspiring work which will disinterest you. Work on your communication skills as it helps a lot in the PI rounds. All the best!

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