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Interning with ITC

Before I proceed with the selection process, you need to know what ITC is. This might help you read the next part with much more concentration/detail . In the course of my journey I had to deal with 2 major streams other than my own, Aerodynamics and Electrical engineering. Thanks to my previous experience at the AUV group, this wasn’t a tough task. So yeah if you think in ITC you will apply the things that you already know, I am sorry this isn’t for you. ITC believes that results are directly proportional to the time you give in for them. I’ve seen a friend of mine who stays in the office with mentor daily till 3 AM in the morning at office with his mentor and another who wakes up daily at 5AM to go for work. If you are a lazy head, this isn’t for you. These things apart, ITC expects their interns to deliver not to study. You are given full freedom. For example, I proposed to set up a new machine (completely new to the system) and no fingers were raised. It costs lakhs and people believed in my design, without even cross checking it. If this isn’t freedom, I don’t know what is. In simple words you will be treated just like any other assistant manager in the company.

Selection process

Right after the summer of my second awesome year at the college came the fall of internship season! Resume, GD, PI, Aptitude, Coding, R, Formals, CG, all these words that I rarely heard of in my first 2 years, started flying all around me. Honestly speaking, owing to my low CGPA, I never ever dreamt of having the privilege of sitting in the PI of a day 1 company.

Just like most of us had our first option in JEE counselling as Bombay CSE (No offence), I applied to all the companies on Day 1 and attended their presentations. Surprisingly my name was in the list announced by ITC for GD round. In ITC, you’ve got to work with people at various levels, you talk to vendors for getting things done. Communication skills are an asset in these situations and hence the GD has very generic topics. All they want to check is your communications skills, the way you present your point to others, the way you deal with people who disagree with your logic, how do you deal with when someone else’s logic seems to be a better solution than yours  etc. Always remember to try and conclude your discussion within time, if you did not come to a conclusion, at least ensure that you present all the discussed points at the end to the judges, it helps. The selection was not lot based and candidates were picked separately depending on the above factors I mentioned.

The interview happens in two rounds. The first round was a technical round. As my CGPA was comparatively low, I was grinded on the previous internship and my previous project (AUV). They asked me to explain them about the sealing mechanism in AUV and other stuff which I was well versed with. My other friends who had a decently high CGPA, were asked to choose a core topic and they were asked questions on that. This round barely took half an hour. The second round or the HR interview was with 2 very senior officials at ITC. This was a more generic round and very generic things about mechanical engineering were asked. The questions ranged from being as generic as “What according to you is the best innovation that occurred in mechanical industry” to as complicated as “Suggest a way to control mechanically control the vertical movement of a scuba diver inside the sea without any external intervention”. This round went on for about an hour and then as the papers say, I was selected for doing an intern at ITC.


How to prepare

For the GD I would say, I was lucky to get through it. If you aren’t a person who is fluent in English, try speaking only in English with friends for a week, it might seem odd but you’ve got to deal with it if you want an intern call on day 1.

For interview, be thorough with whatever you think you are best at. If it is a subject included in the course, be ready with the famous derivations from it. If it is a project, be ready to answer all the questions about the tools used in it (Ansys, Solidworksetc). Sit down and spend some time on the subjects. Make a brief notes for your reference. No matter what happens do not get frightened in the interview. The people sitting in front of you have been working in the field for quite some time and remember everything that they have studied during their engineering. They will try their best to test your limits. Try not to break down and stay calm during the interview. Beating around the bush for answers that you don’t know wouldn’t help you in any way, instead accepting the truth and suggesting a possible solution to the problem or your approach to it would help bag a few extra points. All I want to say is that if you are choosing a subject, choose it wisely and prepare thoroughly for it.

My project

Well I signed a non-disclosure agreement with ITC s can’t share them. Doesn’t it sound cool? Ok I can’t disclose my project details but I can brief you on the work that I do. So there is this supply methodology of wheat in ITC which according to them is costly. My job is to design and insert a machine into a supply chain at a particular point to automate that process for improving the quality of wheat grain delivered and to deliver it at a faster rate. My second task is to change the supply chain and introduce/remove elements into it to reduce the total cost of it. At first I thought of it to be a typical supply chain project but in due course, I kind of studied more of core engineering and applied it. I even had to design and manufacture a mechanism using an aerofoil for automating the air flow in my machine whose constraint was the flow itself. For this I went back to our best friend (NPTEL) and got the required basics. Sounds cool stuff right. It feels even better when your design actually gets implemented right in front of you and works absolutely fine. Technical details apart, let’s get to know ITC in a bit more detail.


ITC company culture

ITC is a biggie. A master in a lot of FMCG businesses and going to be in a lot more. People here are dedicated and busy. I personally can talk to my mentor only after 8PM because he isn’t free before that. The guest houses of the company are awesome. Honestly I never ever boarded a flight in my life and hola in ITC I’ve been travelling between Pune, Indore and Bangalore and every journey is in a flight because ITC values time. If you love working in an environment where you find new things to study and work upon every single day, ITC is a complete package for you. We had a three day induction program in the month of April and it was nothing less than a heavenly feeling. ITC is a present for people who are hardworking yet creative and strive for new things. It’s a pain for people who want to stick to their major and pursue it further.

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