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1) Brief Introduction

HUL is one of India’s largest FMCG companies, and the home of various brands like Surf Excel, Lifebuoy, Closeup, Kwality Walls etc.

When you join HUL, you become a part of the Unilever Leadership Internship programme, one of the best and most valued internship programmes across the country. The company assigns you projects, that with your skill, passion and insight could make a difference to the organization.

2) Selection procedure

The first stage is a CV based shortlisting process. HUL looks for people who are academically strong, and also involve in some extra-curricular pursuits (societies/interhall events) as well.
The shortlisted students sit for a group discussion round, where students are split into groups of 8-10 and given a topic to discuss or find a solution to.
Students who make it through the GD, go for a preliminary interview round, which involves questions about the activities mentioned on your CV, your past internships, and of course your technical knowledge.
For those who make it past the preliminary interview, there is the final interview which involves HR questions as well as technical questions. This interview basically gauges whether you are a good fit for the company.

3) How to prepare for the various processes involved?

Students are expected to have a strong grasp of the core subjects they have studied. Mechanical Engineering students need to give a lot of importance to Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. Practice the important derivations, and make sure you know your CV inside out.
Spend some time reading up about the company, and give honest answers to questions about why you want to join the company. (but not so honest, that you just say the Stipend is pretty great :P)

4) Project Details

While most of us can’t disclose specifics regarding the project, what I can say is that the experience is simply amazing. You work on a live project, wherein you actually get to see the effect your work has had on the company. The company affords you the chance to network and learn from people with a great deal of experience in various fields. The internship involves a very sharp learning curve, but if you put in the work, seeing your idea/design come into fruition, is a feeling second to none.
Aptly named, the internship hones your leadership skills. You learn to work with teams across various functions, engage with stakeholders and you shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Overall , it is an invaluable learning experience, one the likes of which you won’t find elsewhere.

5) Company Culture

HUL is well known for its work hard and party harder culture. The company fosters growth and innovation, and is a good place to grow. You’re expected to give everything you have during the work-week, and you are given ample time to wind down during the weekend. Trust me on this 😉

6) According to you who should ideally apply for this intern?

Everyone who is eligible to apply! No matter what field you may want to go into in the future, this internship opportunity is an experience you will learn a lot from. Very few companies give you the chance to work on such large scale projects, and the things you learn during your internship will definitely go a long way in shaping you as a person.

7)  What advice will you give to the people?
Spend time understanding the fundamentals. Are you able to make the transition from books to practical application? It’s not about how much theory you know, or how good your grades were. It’s about how well you’ve understood the concept.
Be honest with what you put on your CV. Sometimes, it’s not just about how well qualified you are, it’s also a question of how passionate or motivated you are , and whether you will go all out, if given the opportunity.

-“You think life takes more than it gives, but not today. Today it’s giving us something. It’s giving us a chance. “ – Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy

Take the chance.

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