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Neel Samani

Why did you select this particular field?What options were available to you during placements?

Financial engineering was a very exciting opportunity to study about engineering financial products/ strategies using basic engineering/ math principles.

I had developed an inclination towards the fieId of finance gradually over time. Probably because I have some finance professionals around in my family. Given this interest, I applied for switching to the interdisciplinary dual-degree course of Financial Engineering at the end of my first year. It was then being offered for the first time by the institute. I felt it was a very exciting opportunity to study about engineering financial products/strategies using basic engineering/math principles.

During placements at my time apart from other open-to-all firms, there were decent number of finance firms visiting the campus for final placements viz. DB, GS, Nomura, Citi, Barclays etc.

How did you get in DB?Explain the selection procedure?How did you prepare for it?

A good exercise for this preparation would be planning and getting a few mock interviews arranged with your friends/seniors/teachers/

The procedure of recruitment to DB during my time broadly was a two-stage process. The firm had invited resume applications in the first stage. This was followed by a introductory/information workshop and buddy-mentoring phase for the shortlisted applicants. The workshop/buddy-mentoring phase is primarily aimed at familiarizing the applicants about the firm, industry, work-flow and to answer their queries regarding preparation, firm etc. The second and final stage is the panel interview process which happens during the month of December i.e. during final placement season. After the interviews, the list of selected applicants is released. I primarily focussed on preparing well my resume, courses and kept track of recent financial happenings. I also devoted some time on preparing puzzle solving and quant problems. These are generally the areas the applicants are tested apart from the common criterion across all firms like HR questions/interview etc. I also had devoted some time preparing the same.

A good exercise for this preparation would be planning and getting a few mock interviews arranged with your friends/seniors/teachers/mentors.

Can you describe your work profile/average day for us and tell us whether it was what you expected when you sat for placements?

I work on Interest Rate Product(Strategy) Development and Trading Team along with three other colleagues globally. My work primarily includes investigation, formulation and development of systematic investment strategies for the interest rates market. Another important part of my work includes daily risk-management processes of the strategies that are traded.
My desk is based in UK and my work hours are aligned to UK market hours. There is no hard demarkation line between the kind of work and its distribution on a daily basis. My daily work broadly revolves around the work-profile that I mentioned above. The timings are mostly consistent on a regular basis.
During placements, we have a broad idea about the kind of work we would be doing (information given in workshop, ppts and interviews). I always was interested to be part of product development/trading and am happy to have got the opportunity to work on the same. In short, I can say that I enjoy the work I currently do.

How would you describe DB work culture?How is work life balance?

DB work culture is good. There is a lot of support that you can find around from seniors in terms of career planning/progression, learning and desk work. Separately, there are lot of employee-engagement initiatives that run in parallel throughout the year like sports tournaments, CSR activities etc.
Work-life balance is good as I have a five day week and almost regular working hours. Thus, I am able to plan my leisure time in advance.

What are your long-term goals?How do working in DB help you get achieve them?

In the long term, I wish to develop expertise in the field of finance and move higher up the ranks in the industry. DB is among the top-most financial institutions globally with variety of divisions and product offerings. Thus, I believe it is an ideal place for me to obtain diverse knowledge and work-experience.

Any specific advice you want to give for junta sitting for placements this year and juniors who aspire to be in DB?

Nothing specific which comes to my mind right now. All I would like to do is to wish them all the very best for the placement process.

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