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1) Why did you select this particular field? What options were available to you during placements?

-The job profile at Deloitte offered me the right mix of technical and managerial work which well aligned with my interests.


2)What was the general interview process for companies you interviewed? Please mention the number of rounds and the nature of the interview process.
-Deloitte consulting visited the campus for the consultant profile (as mentioned on ERP) but it was made clear in the company PPT and the job description that they were seeking candidates for advanced analytics/ machine learning. The profile is suitable for someone who wants to take up a job that requires a mix of technical analytics skills as well as business thinking. The company was open to all departments and courses. General selection process for Deloitte and other companies offering similar roles was an assessment test followed by a series of interviews. There was no group discussion round.

3) Can you describe your work profile/average day for us and tell us whether it was what you expected when you sat for placements?

-The profile is that of a business analyst. It is primarily consulting but also requires strong understanding of the basic concepts of statistics and machine learning as the team provides data driven solutions to the clients. The work is as per my expectations from when I was interviewed for the job.


4) How would you describe Deloitte Consulting US-India Pvt. Ltd. work culture? How is the work life balance ?

– I personally like the work culture here a lot. Work life balance is great with flexible working hours and work from home option available.

5) What are your long-term goals? How do working in Deloitte Consulting help you get achieve them?

-I am currently just looking forward to having a great learning experience at Deloitte.


6) What are things students sitting for placements next year can do from now until December to maximize their chances of getting through a company in this sector?

CV preparation tips: Mentions all analytics/machine learning related work in your CV (projects, courses and interns) as most of the discussion in interviews in about that.

If you havent done anything related to analytics till now I suggest you can start with the basics and learn online or take additional courses like probability and statistics and regression analysis etc. Then you can take part in online competitions and hackathons conducted all around the year (check resources).


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