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                                                 Avijit Saha
  ASME IGTI Student Scholarship
1. What is the scholarship about?
ASME International Gas Turbine Institute Student scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. ASME has a long and proud history of providing scholarships to those meritorious students who are enrolled in a recognized university, that offers gas turbine program or related content within its engineering curriculum.

2. How did you come to know about the scholarship?

I came to know about the scholarship from our Department itself.

3. What was the selection procedure for the scholarship and is there any specific preparation or interview for it?

Selection is completely based on CGPA, recommendation letter and SOP. It would be good if you have some publications. If you wish you can also provide other documents like honors and awards, extra-curricular activities, membership in professional societies etc to strengthen your application.

No specific preparation is required. There won’t be any interview also. You just need to fill the application form (available in the ASME IGTI website) and send it to ASME through email. That’s it!

4. What are the requirements for the scholarship and who can apply for it? 

Firstly, the nominee must be enrolled in a recognized university, pursuing Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. degree in an engineering discipline related to turbomachinery field and secondly, the university must have some gas turbine/power course in its curriculum.

5. Any advice for the students who want to get this scholarship in future?

I would suggest all of you that don’t underestimate yourself. Be confident and go ahead. Best of luck.

If you have any further quarries feel free to ask me.

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