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Ashutosh Prakash 

1)Why did you select this particular field?What were options available to you during placements?

Because my major was in CS and i like coding. Got selected in my first shortlisted company itself.

2)How did you get in PayPal? What was the selection procedure? How did you prepare for it?

First round – They gave me 2 coding question, first was easy and second was a bit tricky. Second round – Mostly CV based questions. Third – Gave me a coding problem, did it. Then they asked me to make it more efficient in terms of time and space used. Fourth – Interviewer was asking about life goals, CG, Machine Learning and discussion about solving any problem from scratch. He wanted to know how I approach a problem. Last round – basic HR type questions.

3)Can you describe your work profile/average day for us and tell us whether it was what you expected when you sat for placements?

My profile is Software Developer and the team I am working with is called Billing. We have multiple business unit inside paypal which work collaboratively to create web services. It is more than what I expected for. I would highly recommend Paypal as a first company to start your career with.

4)How would you describe PayPal work culture? How is the work-life balance?

 Really good I would say. An average day in the office is starts from 9 am till 6 pm including meetings, coding hours and fun. We have lots of weekly events too.

5)What are your long-term goals?How will working in PayPal  help you to achieve them?

My long term goal is to create a product/service on my on own and I think paypal is a greate kick-starter for that.

6)Any specific advice you want to give for junta sitting for placements this year and juniors who aspire to be in a company like PayPal?

My story : I didn’t got shortlisted anywhere on 1st Day. PayPal was my first short list. So, I prepared on Day 1 as if it was my last. Confidently, Went to Nalanda at 6 am, Day 2 and got offer by 9:30 am, Day 2.

Placements is full of surprises and shocks. Be ready for both of them.

At last, Things you did before your interviews, matters. But, what you do during your interviews, matters most. So be confident, even if you think you are under- prepared.

Do let me know if you have any other queries.
Cheers !


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