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Brief Introduction
I am Arnab Bir, a final year undergraduate student from the Department of Mathematics enrolled in its Integrated Master’s course of Mathematics and Computing. I am from Rajendra Prasad Hall of
Residence. I joined Flipkart as an SDE intern this Summer.

Selection procedure
Flipkart hired Software Development Interns from 8 IITs including Kgp. There was no CGPA cutoff or any other pre-requisite criteria. There were 2 phases in this hiring process.
First, there was a coding round on Hackerrank where we were given 3 problems to solve within an hour. Those who solved at least 2 problems properly were shortlisted for the personal interviews.
In the next phase, there were 2 rounds of personal interviews which according to Flipkart’s lingo are also known as “PS & DS Algo”. The best thing about these rounds is resume plays a very limited
role since it is totally based on problem-solving skills which ensure no bias among the candidates.
Even the problems asked to every candidate were of similar difficulty. After this whole day process, 4 of us were selected as summer flinterns.

How to prepare for them?
Strong grasp over Algorithms and Data Structures is the competency the look for. So practice problems from different topics of Algo and DS and spend some time on competitive coding platforms. Prior to the interview go through the FAQs for Software Development roles on
geeksforgeeks. During the interviews, try to suggest the optimal solution and in case you’re stuck ask for hints as well.


Your Project Details
I was a part of the Logistics Insights Team at Ekart. Our team deals with a large number of Big Data and Machine Learning problems related to Ekart. My project was to develop a full stack application
to validate the data quality and completeness in a near real-time data transformation pipeline.


Company Culture
The org culture is very open and empowering. No strict office hours, no dress code (it’s very difficult to find someone in formals :p ), frequent intern outings, team outings and what not. Even the interns
are allowed to attend meetings with senior management if they have something to contribute as per the agenda. People are very welcoming and approachable. There were a number of occasions
where we got to interact with different teams. The Flipkart’s headquarters is one of the best workspaces in Bengaluru. If you don’t believe, have a look.


Who should ideally apply for this internship?

Those who love coding and want to create impact by solving real-world problems for India should give it a try.


What advice will you give to them?
Well, the preparation for the test is not very different from other software companies. During interviews, try to answer the most optimal solution. Although the interviews will be based on Algo
and DS only, topics like Machine Learning, DBMS, OS, and Networks will help you a lot during your internship.

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