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Anshuman panda

Brief Introduction

Being an undergraduate of the department of Ocean engineering and naval architecture, had made me realised the importance of this discipline for global economy. My discipline of study is very specific. The department of ocean engineering and naval architecture, IIT Kharagpur is globally very famous as per my discipline was concerned.


The Internship

Being a sophomore it was a very tough challenge for me to get through an exposure of internationally reputed research facilities and to interact with so many wise, famous and experienced people in my field who have stayed very close to Naval Architecture at global levels.

Moreover developing connections from different parts of the world, can be very useful for any sophomore as per career prospective is concerned.

The next point that arises is that how to fetch information about the internships. There are mostly two ways to get an opportunity to study abroad. The better chances of getting into a foreign university are by different programs. The programs can be found on internet or if it is specific to a particular university, then it can be found on the university site.

Please make sure that you gain some experience at IIT Kharagpur to show up in your CV by the time you apply for internship . A research project can help a lot in this regard.

The second method is to mail to the professor and if he is really interested in your profile then he might provide you an opportunity to study in the university for a short period.


My Project

I was offered a project was on ship structure and armouring of naval vessels against torpedoes and crashes, hence preventing loss of buoyancy. I fortunately accomplished my tasks before I returned. It was a pleasant experience for me at University Of New South Wales, Australia.

Long Term Career Goals

Pursuing research is not a very good idea if one has to earn money too soon. But if you enjoy academics in your core part of discipline, and would love to pursue the same lifelong, then it’s worth investing your summers out in universities with advanced research facilities else it’s not . This was a stepping stone to my career goal of being into academics in future.


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