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Brief Introduction

Hi, I am Sourav Pal, from Computer Science and Engineering Department, about to go into my fourth and final year at IIT Kharagpur. It was mid July last year, the internship season was round the corner and I was still in a dilemma of whether to go for a research internship in some foreign university or to go for a company intern. In fact, I actually wanted to get a feel of both and Adobe was one of the companies which provided such an experience. Finally I was fortunate enough to be selected for a summer internship at Adobe in the Research Division.


Selection Procedure

The selection procedure is fairly straight forward. In the very beginning one is required to submit their CV as usual. Thereafter based on your CV you get shortlisted for an online coding test. I guess all those who applied were selected for the test. Then comes Adobe’s unique way of selecting its interns. Adobe makes some direct offers for internship based on CV, CGPA plays a major role in this selection. Last year there were 7 such offers. I was one of those 7 people. I still remember the day when we went for the test, somewhere in Nalanda Classroom complex. I was there getting ready for the test, when some one from among the Place-com, called out some names, and asked as to leave. Now this was quite weird, but then when he said congrats, we knew what it was. As for other people who get selected through an interview, have to first appear for the online test, where you need to solve some coding questions. This is followed by a telephonic interview for some of them, who are selected on the basis of test scores. The telephonic interview involves standard questions mostly from algorithms and data structures. And finally there are few more offers made based on this interview.


How to prepare for them

In order to prepare for the interview and test, it is necessary to know the basics of algorithms and data structures very well. In regard of the online test you need to practice some amount of coding, the likes of which are available online in many competitive coding platforms including CodeChef, HackerRank, etc. Geeks for Geeks is another very useful resource.


Your Project Details

I am working as a research intern at the Big Data Experience Lab of Adobe Research in Bangalore. The research intern in Adobe is unique in many ways. Here you get to select your own problem statement. The research interns are grouped into teams of 2 or 3 and they are assigned 2 mentors with few exceptions in the numbers. All the research interns are from IITs to the best of my knowledge. So initially each team is assigned a broad problem area. Thereafter for the next 2-3 weeks a lot of brainstorming takes place to find out at least 80 problem statements related to the broad area. This is followed by a problem defence, after which you actually start working on the solution to your problem statement.


Company Culture

This is one thing which I love the most about Adobe. The environment is great with energetic people all around, ready to interact with each other. There are no fixed timings for work, neither do they have a dress code. There are several places to hang out with friends including the recreation room where one can play Foosball, table tennis, pool, etc. Lunch and dinner are served for free, and they are pretty good. Initial accommodation is provided for 14 days in a five star hotel. Travel tickets are also arranged by the company itself. There are intern outings and mentor treats as well. On Sundays you are free to come to the office and work with the incentive that you can order food from any where, with a quite high upper bound. To sum up, one can enjoy a work-life balance.


According to you who should ideally apply for this intern

Anyone interested in working on core computer science projects should definitely apply for Adobe. Apart from the research experience one also has an opportunity of publishing a research paper and even filing a patent after the internship is complete. There is a lot of scope to bring in innovation and you are most welcome to do that.


And what advice will you give to them

Since most of the projects involve a machine learning component, it is quite advisable to get familiar with the basics of machine learning and natural language processing before the start of the internship, preferably well in advance so that you one can have a smooth start.


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