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                                                 Siddharth Jindal

                                           Google Summer Of Code 







1) Please provide a brief introduction of yourself. 

I am Siddharth Jindal, third-year UnderGraduate student of Department of Mathematics. I did my GSoC internship in 2017 under CCExtractor organization.
Google summer of code is a way in which college students can contribute to free and open source software.
2) Can you elaborate the selection procedure for GSoc?
Google select students to work for a particular open source organization by the following way-
– Students select an organization they want to apply to
– They choose a project listed by the organization
– They start contributing to the organization’s code base (by solving bugs)
– They finally submit a proposal (12 – 18 page long) to work on the project
– Google and the Organisation select the students on the basis of their proposal (one student per project)
– Selected students start working on their projects from May to August
3) How did you prepare for it?
One has to be proactive while participating in GSoC. It requires a lot of time for research about the project. Maximum time is given to solving bugs/issues and creating the proposal. One has to actively take part in the discussions and help others too on the organization’s forum along with asking doubts and helping themselves.
4)Can you provide a little insight about the topic/project in which you worked upon for clearing GSoc?
As a part of my GSoC2017 intern, I worked upon ExCCitement_extractor, which is an automatic highlights extraction software for soccer and similar sports. It works by first generating excitement curve of the sports match and then extracting the highly exciting part of the curve.
5) How was the work culture? 
The best thing about open source is the ever-helping organizations’ members. It has the best work culture one can ask for.
6)According to you who all should ideally try for GSoc?
I believe anyone with the interest to contribute and create something new should go for GSoC. More than your coding skills, your zeal to solve a problem will make you successfully participate in GSoC.
7) What advice would you like to give to the people who are trying for GSoc presently?
The only advice from my side to students attempting GSoC is that continuous perseverance and hard work in learning something new is all that it takes. 
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